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your favorite video game series is getting a new game


but it’s not coming out for a console you own


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Basically the movie.


Basically the movie.

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Hannah Hart, everyone

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Robbie enjoying the sunshine in his usual way.

Robbie enjoying the sunshine in his usual way.

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Well he missed a pretty god damn big one didn’t he


Well he missed a pretty god damn big one didn’t he

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captain america 2 was awesome and i want to be black widow

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Can you tell me more about some of the captain america tropes that cap 2 broke down?



ok so let’s list some of the common fandom tropes that have characterized steve in fics, headcanons, and fanworks over the last 2 years.

(and disclaimer, if you happen to subscribe to any of these it does not mean anything bad, necessarily, but just be aware that your interpretation of the canon is somewhat…looser than it could be. except if you think steve’s a bigot because you’re just wrong and btw can I interest you in ultimates?)

  • blushing virginal flower
  • doesn’t swear, is actively offended by swearing, insists that people use SWEAR JARS
  • dislikes weapons, especially guns
  • can’t talk to women
  • can’t talk to women=secretly gay (secretly gay=internalized homophobia god if I never see another internalized homophobia tag on a steve fic I will be a HAPPY CAMPER)
  • scared of women (scared of nATASHA)
  • EXTREME PRUDE (alternatively, total slut)
  • raging asshole, angry aLL THE TIME
  • racist, homophobic, misogynist “because he’s from the early 20th century”
  • or just low-level misogynist, ie, ~won’t hit a woman~ etc etc
  • doesn’t get pop culture references (refuses to get pop culture references)
  • hates the modern world
  • can’t use a toaster/microwave/breaks all technology given to him
  • doesn’t know how to use the internet
  • suicidally depressed about being stuck in the modern world, unable to move on
  • idolizing the good old days, thinking everything was better in the past
  • always follows the rules, absolute STICKLER for em, can’t disobey orders no matter what. DEFINITELY CAN NEVER BREAK THE LAW THAT’S WHAT CAPTAIN AMERICA STANDS FOR, THE LAW OBVIOUSLY
  • blindly supports the US government, naively trusts SHIELD
  • cries a lot
  • wants to settle down, have kids, live in the suburbs (?????)
  • is perfect
  • thinks he’s perfect
  • is humorless, doesn’t make jokes, doesn’t like or understand jokes
  • no personality
  • only wears grandpa clothes
  • mm there’s probably more but I think this covers most of them

if you’ve seen cap 2, nearly all these tropes were disproven at some point or another. steve isn’t scared of women, he isn’t racist, he is adjusting to the modern world and actively trying to catch up with everything he’s missed, he knows how to use a microwave (I know that wasn’t necessarily disproven but HE UNDERSTANDS TECHNOLOGY AND I’M PRETTY SURE I SAW A MICROWAVE IN HIS APARTMENT), and he very much understands what SHIELD is and what its flaws are. and he has literally never followed the rules. like. that’s how he became captain america, that was never canon.

I mean, this exaggerated caricature of a misinterpretation of steve rogers that exists in fandom is kind of to be expected, as it has happened to literally every single character. tony has been reduced to daddy issues and gay tears, (likewise with loki), thor is a simpleton who TALKS LIKE THIS and only eats poptarts, clint acts like a bird, natasha if she even exists in fics is an emotionless robot who plays with knives…etc etc. but the fact that cap 2 so diligently worked at chipping away at steve’s fanon mischaracterization is almost too deliberate, like the russos are somehow aware that this is the perception of steve and they needed to fix it.

whatever the reason, it tickled me to no end and I’m so glad that at least some portion of tumblr is now self-aware enough to recognize and come to loathe the marvel fandom’s trends. 

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Getting my America on for the cinema today #gpoy #boobslookfantastic

Getting my America on for the cinema today #gpoy #boobslookfantastic

#boobslookfantastic #gpoy